I. link link 1 [lɪŋk] noun [countable]
1. something that joins two places and allows easy travel or communication between them:

• Mongolia has plans to extend its road, air and rail links with China and Russia.

• We can set up a video link between here and the office in New York.

2. an agreement between two companies, countries etc to work together on a particular project:
link with/​between

• The store has a link with a co-operative that produces coffee in Jamaica.

• links between firms and research establishments in the area

3. TELECOMMUNICATIONS a system which connects computers, telephone network S etc:
link with/​to

• Every organisation with computer links to the internet must employ its own monitors.

4. also hot link COMPUTING a word or picture in a website or computer document that will take you to another page or document if you click on it; = hyperlink:

• The page includes links to other sites for more information.

  [m0] II. link link 2 verb
1. [intransitive, transitive] to put something such as a road between two places, joining them together and making travel and communication easier between them:

• a train line linking Dallas, Houston and San Antonio

link something with something

• the English Channel tunnel project linking Britain with France

2. [intransitive, transitive] if two or more companies or countries are linked, they agree to work together:

• The two countries are linked by a monetary and currency pact.

3. [transitive] FINANCE if investments, exchange rates etc are linked, they change at the same rate:
link be linked to something

• The 90,000 term-life policies were sold to many borrowers, but weren't specifically linked to their loans.

• the system of inflation-linked pay raises

4. [transitive] COMPUTING to connect computers, telephone network S etc:

• a network that currently links 14 business centers

link be linked to/​with something

• Anyone linked to the system could access the information.

link up phrasal verb
1. [intransitive, transitive] to join or connect things, or to be joined or connected:
link up link (something) up to/​with something

• The railway linked up manufacturing areas with raw material sources.

• people who link up to the Internet every day

2. [intransitive] to agree to work together on a particular project:
link up with

• A Japanese brewery has linked up with a local beer maker to market Japanese beer abroad.

— see also link-up

* * *

link UK US /lɪŋk/ noun [C]
TRANSPORT, COMMUNICATIONS a way of travelling or communicating between two places or systems: »

a bus/rail/road link


transport/transportation links

link between sth (and sth) »

There are plans to upgrade the road links between the two countries.


a phone/video link


Interviews can be carried out by video link.


This device creates a link between computers, enabling you to share files, no matter what their size.

[usually plural] a relationship between two or more people, countries, companies, etc.: link with sb/sth »

Their links with Britain are still strong.

build/establish/strengthen links »

We need to strengthen our links with colleges doing similar work to ours.


business/trade links

a connection between two or more facts, events, etc.: link between sth (and sth) »

The key thing here is the link between consumer confidence and spending on non-essentials.

direct/clear/strong link »

There is a direct link between the value of the used car and new car prices for the same model.

clear/close/strong link »

Historical data show the clear link between income tax rates and the size of domestic government spending.

INTERNET, IT a word or image in an electronic document or on a website that you can click on to take you to another part of the document, another document, or another website: »

Read this tutorial for web developers in order to find out how to add a link to another website.


Click on this link to visit our online bookstore.

See also HOTLINK(Cf. ↑hotlink), HYPERLINK(Cf. ↑hyperlink) noun
link UK US /lɪŋk/ verb
[T] to connect two or more places, people, or things: link sth to/with sth »

This corridor links the new offices to the main building.


a new motorway in Ireland, linking Dublin with Galway


All our workstations are linked together with each other.

[T] to make or show a connection between two or more people, things, or ideas: link sth to/with sth »

The objective is to link the strategy of the corporation with the reality of its business.

be linked to sth »

Asbestos-related diseases are generally linked to sustained exposure over many years.


Her name is being linked to one of the top jobs in the company.

[T, usually passive] FINANCE if the value of money, investments, payments, etc. is linked to something else, it will change when that thing changes: linked to sth »

Over a long period, investments linked to stock markets are likely to give the best returns.

See also INDEX-LINKED(Cf. ↑index-linked)
[I or T] INTERNET, IT to make a connection between websites on the internet, or from part of one website to another: »

Anyone who has a website can link theirs to another site.


Does this website link to other client sites the company has designed?

[I] INTERNET, IT to follow a link to go to another website or part of a website on the internet: »

Click here to link to our customer service website.

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